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Short Stories:

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January 2012

I post to catch up is overdue.

The year has barely started and so much has happened already. The first week of 2012 saw another acceptance of what I would call an early Night Cycle poem: A Metamorphosis of Dream will appear in Ideomancer. That felt like 2012 was kicking off just fine, I thought to myself, but it got better. My prose poem A Maquerade in Four Voices got nominated for the Rhysling Award! This is just way cool! It made me talk in all-caps for about three days or so, and I feel the need to shout out in joy whenever I think about it, too, so YAY! (In case you wanna see all the eligible work of 2011, look here.)

Story-wise, two tales will appear this March, The Castle of Ashes in Red Penny Papers (edited by the wonderful KV Taylor, full line-up here) and A Lie Written In Scarlet in Scheherezade's Bequest (where Erzebet YellowBoy does a no less wonderful editing job).

And then there is this thing called editing I do. Over at Niteblade, I finalized the first poetry ToC I did all on my lonesome. Now, I could say a lot of things about the March Issue, I really could, but I won't; there simply is no need. Read the poems contained therein, and you will understand why.

January was also the month of major Change at Fantastique Unfettered. Brandon Bell--beloved founder and most capable editor of the zine--has stepped down from his position as Managing Editor, and he entrusted me with carrying on this thing-like-no-other that is FU. These are some big shoes to fill, I'm well aware of that. I come prepared, and I come wearing passion like a witch's hat; let's do this! Brandon isn't gone however, he'll still be around as general assistant (soon to be replaced by kick-ass title), and FU is lucky to have someone like him. To add to the general climate of change, we are moving from print to online publication, which I think is gonna be really, really cool. The site is already looking all new and spring-timey and we have a poll up there which will help us determine whether to call our weekly news section "FU Weekly" or "The Weekly FU." Yeah, seriously. That's how mature we are.

So that was January. So, February. Bring it.

Works Published In 2011

It is the time of year to do a post listing all work eligible for awards, isn't it? All the pieces below have been first published in 2011.

Short Poems (1-49 lines)

Broken Towers, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #52

City of Clay, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #52

The Dirty Vampire, A Recipe, Bull Spec #5

Her Mother's Bees, Electric Velocipede

The Girl and Her Cloud, Electric Velocipede

The Little Red Tarot, Enchanted Conversation

Ereshkigal, Eternal Haunted Summer

Acteon's Hunt, Eternal Haunted Summer

Bacchanalia, Eternal Haunted Summer

The Eagle, Eternal Haunted Summer

Orpheus, Turning, Eternal Haunted Summer

The Words of Seshat, Eternal Haunted Summer

Before the Villain, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

Eulogy, inkscrawl

Cages, inkscrawl

Curses, Jabberwocky

Bei Nacht--A Demon Song, Jabberwocky

Tricks and Treats, Raven Electrick Ink: Jack-o'-Spec: Tales of Halloween and Fantasy

Lanterns, Raven Electrick Ink: Jack-o'-Spec: Tales of Halloween and Fantasy

Weaving Loneliness, Liquid Imagination

Cloth Demon, Mythic Delirium #25

Babylon, NewMyths #14

The Djinn's Lover Paper Crow (Volume 2 Issue 2)

The Doll and the Needle, Polu Texni

The Princess Who Knew Fire, Polu Texni

In the End, All They Have is Words, Polu Texni

Fairy Tale Cursed, Scheherezade's Bequest

The Witch of the Third Night, Scheherezade's Bequest

The Demon in the Pool, Silver Blade

Beast Touched, Silver Blade

Little Ghosts, Star*Line 34.1

Dwarf Universe, Star*Line 34.2

Japanese Muse, Star*Line 34.3

Puppet Minds, Star*Line Interplay

The City That Wasn't There, Strange Horizons

The Honey Man, Strange Horizons

Desert Princess, Strong Verse

The Tiger in My House, Strong Verse

The Words CLung To His Lips Like Honey, Like Hemlock, Strong Verse

Long Pomes (50+ lines)

Beloved Witch, Jabberwocky

Golden Things, Elektrik Milk Bath Press: In the Garden of the Crow

A Masquerade in Four Voices, Stone Telling 5

If Alice..., Strange Horizons

Short Stories

The Job Interview, The Red Penny Papers

How Red Riding Hood Stole The Moon, Beyond Centauri Issue 32 (Sam's Dot Publishing)

The Girl Who Chose The Other Road, Shelter of Daylight Issue 5 (Sam's Dot Publishing)

The Story of the Apple Tree, Sounds of the Night (Sam's Dot Publishing)

Tumbling Out the Hatch,  Poe Little Thing

Fantastique Unfettered #4 and Beyond

Among other things that happened in the last week, we finished FU#4, our one year anniversary issue. It is now at the printer's, and we hope the ink dries soon so physical copies can make their way into the world.

FU#4 was by no means an easy issue, but it's here now (well, almost,) and I believe here to stay. I for one know that I'll remember this issue for a long time, not just because of its sheer outward appearance. It has a certain gravity to it, a resonance. And a kick-ass magenta cover!

In the last week, we also announced our Pushcart Prize nominees for 2011, six authors, three poems and three stories from issues #2 and #3. As we told these authors about their nomination, we asked them if they wouldn't perhaps like to do a guest post or--in two cases--offer a short comment/reaction to their nomination as they had already done guest posts. Lisa M. Bradley was the first to share her thoughts with us, and let me tell you, greenhorn editor that I am, this was moving, the thing you hope people are thinking, but can't be quite sure they are. On top of this, another poet told me that upon finishing a poem, they cut the last stanza, thinking that "Alexa would say that's too much of a tell."


I guess I must be doing something right. I guess we at FU must be doing something right. That's all totally amazing, and I? Speechless.

Speechless, and hopeful as hell that the new Aether Age eZine will be as well received as FU. The official reading period for the eZine will start as the New Year begins here in the West, which is auspicious. Gods of the Hellenes, gods of Kemet, let there be prose and verse fit to move this editor's heart!

Niteblade #18

Two posts in less than 24 hrs? Inform the earthly distributors of a faith of your choosing, for it must be a miracle.

And now, let me tell you about Niteblade #18, lovingly called Spec Ed, which is short for Special Edition. And it is! It's a whole issue devoted to fantastically dark speculative poetry. Seeing as how I am a co-editor of this baby, together with Rhonda Parrish, it's not really my place to speak objectively about the quality of work in this little book. What I will say is that publishing a poetry-only edition takes guts and credit here goes all to Rhonda. Hopefully, readers of the genre will show the same degree of gutsyness in picking up these poems and giving them a chance--even if they don't normally read poetry. Did I mention that the packaging is really cool? Packaging, you ask, since when does Niteblade need packaging, being online and all. Well, listen up. This thing is not only deeply lyrical, it also comes to you as a real physical booklet that you can flip through and put on your shelves or give away. How cool is that?

If I have gotten you the least bit excited at all, please consider pre-ordering, because if you do so before November 30th, you won't even have to pay any shipping costs. So please, click me!

Good News

I'm pretty excited to see two more poems of my Dream Cycle (though Night Cycle is probably more appropriate) finding homes. Yesterday, I learned that Cerberus, Seeking Lethe will be forthcoming from Strange Horizons, and only a few hours ago, Erzebet YellowBoy wrote to let me know that Feral Dream Orphanage will be published in the "new" Jabberwocky in 2012.


(And if you haven't read Erzebet's announcement yet, especially the part concerning lyrical prose, you should!)

I Snuck Merfolk Into Stone Telling!

Yes, I did. The tailed people come hidden in a poem, a 700+ words prose poem to be exact, A Masquerade in Four Voices. Of course there are more than just four voices in the poem, but who said poets should be able to count stuff accurately? Anyway, you can hear the poem on the site as well, took a lot of people to make this recording happen, because this poem, it's a dainty creature, only the best will suffice, and to be honest, this one was really demanding since the moment it wanted to be written just like that. A little stubborn, as poems go...

Emily Jiang
Mike Allen
Nathaniel Smith
Martin Kauper (audio editing)
Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan

Thank you so much guys! <3

Poems for Morpheus: Dream Cycle

 Over the last few months, I have been writing a cycle of poems about the Greek goddess Nyx, Night, who was considered the mother of Dream and Death and a multitude of other deities (not made fewer by the fact that I often mix Greek and Roman names or use them interchangeably), and about her divine offspring. So far, there are about twenty of these poems, some already accepted for publication (The Tally Of Forgotten Dreams Kept By Morpheus, forthcoming in Dreams &amp; Nightmares and Sister Night, forthcoming in Bull Spec), some still in the submission queue, and others waiting to be polished. And of course, there are still those Dream Cycle poems that haven't been written yet.

At any rate, I like the idea of treating night, darkness, and dream in poetry, it's something that seems to appeal to me personally and I consider this one an ongoing project...

...just like the poems inspired by Tarot, difficult to write if you just like the idea of Tarot but haven't the first clue about what the individual cards represent. Inspiration through research! Research! That thing that always makes me wish I had several heads and a few more hands to go with them, for writing simultaneously, you understand. The first Tarot poem I successfully completed is the Major Arcana (forgot number): Death.
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So the last couple of days, I have been wow-ed on a regular basis. Hypothetically, I might have even shed some tears of joy. I think I'm still high from the sheer adrenaline.

Basically what happened is that I find myself poetry editor of Fantastique Unfettered and poetry co-editor (with Rhonda Parrish) of Niteblade.

Wow. WOW.

I don't really know why that happened, it just did and I am very much grateful and already feeling the weight of responsibility. Good then that I'm an ambitious gal. I mean, I just lost two markets I can sell my poems to, so I have to compensate in ambition, right?

A note about FU: I am very much tempted to spout out all the things I'd like in my poetry editor's inbox, the market is still quite new and there are possibilities. But I won't give in. Just this much, spec poetry loosely defined, genre-bending is acceptable. The quality of the work counts. I like my slush (submitting early in the reading period seems prudent):
(Please know that every poem is read twice at least, unless it is very obviously not a good fit for FU.)

I should also mention that you can find this review of Stone Telling #3 on FU's site. Please keep checking back (or follow me on Twitter or whatever) for there is more to come

For Niteblade, so far things look easier (from my end; and perhaps I should say clearer). The zine isn't quite so new, the tastes, at least genre-wise are established: horror and fantasy. All that's left for me to do is apply my pickiest, most critical self to the submissions, but since Rhonda and me will be co-editing the poetry...wait, no, we still want the best. Guidelines here.

Please send us things with their own heart...
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Again with the poetry...


It would seem I have been stoically ignoring LJ, but since networking is important and since everybody else seems to be here, I guess I can't postpone much longer.

So this first LJ post is my call for submissions for Fantastique Unfettered's poetry section which I happen to be editing. I'd like to see spec poetry, but genre crossing is okay, too. The overall quality counts.

Guidelines are here.

You might notice that, at the moment, there is at least one poetry review on the site; I would like there to be more. If you have a poetry collection that you would like to have reviewed, feel free to query.